Monday, February 19, 2018

Princess Sumerfall-Winterspring and the Fadoozla Machine

When I was growing up we watched Howdy Doody on TV. There was a fake Indian named Princess SummerFallWinterSpring. She wore dark face make-up because she was a fair skinned actress with blue eyes. She left the show suddenly promising she would one day come back but we in the peanut gallery are still waiting. I think Liz Warren has tapped into the Peanut Gallery's subconscious desire for the return of childhood. Grow up peanuts and get a real senator! 

Hat tip to Factacular... you remember?
Double Doody--Howdy Doody’s twin brother
Heidi Doody--Howdy Doody’s sister
Phineas T Bluster--The grumpy major
Hector Hancock--One of Phineas’ triplet brothers
Flub-A-Dub--Made of eight different animals
Dilly Dally--The carpenter
Cornelius Cobb--Ran the general store
John J Fadoozle--World’s Number One Private Eye
Bob Smith--Buffalo Bob Smith
Bob Keeshan--Clarabelle
Peanut Gallery--The audience
Doodyville--Fictional hometown of Howdy Doody
William Shatner--Temporarily played Ranger Bob
Cowabunga!--Chief Thundercloud’s yell
Puppet Playhouse--The original name of the Howdy Doody Show
Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Ay--Melody of the Howdy Doody song
The Triple B Ranch--Forerunner to what became the Howdy Doody Show
Gabby Hayes--Guest host in 1954--Buffalo Bob suffered a heart attack
“Goodbye, kids”--Clarabelle’s only spoken words--She said it very softly to sign off the last show
Frank Paris--Designer of the original Howdy marionette
Dilly Dally--Wiggled his ears when frustrated
Electromindomizer--A machine that could read minds
Honkadoodle--A machine that translated Mother Goose honks into English
Robert Goulet--Played Timber Tom on the Canadian show
Robert Schmidt--Buffalo Bob Smith’s real name
Princess Summerfall Winterspring--Hailed from the fictional Tinka Tonka tribe

Friday, May 5, 2017

National Day of Prayer at Boston State House in the Great Hall

National Day of Prayer was observed in the Massachusetts     State House May 4th at noon