Friday, March 9, 2018

Green Lemonade Stand... March 2018

Green Lemonade Stand 
There’s a battle going on for the soul of our nation and the soul of each one of us.  It is TBD (To be determined) whether our nation can pull it together and survive, let alone thrive, but for each individual there is always hope. That was the message of  St. Patrick and that hope remains today. “Hope springs eternal” is a phrase from the Alexander Pope poem:  An Essay on Man
Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

A more contemporary poem that hung on our wall when our boys were growing up put it this way…
This world is not my home,
Although it seems to be,
My home is with my God
In the place He's made for me.
He's coming back real soon,
The signs are very clear,
So when the final trumpet sounds...
I'LL BE OUTTA HERE!!!!                 Anon.

Mass shootings in schools are a recent sign that things are going south real fast in our nation. Many are up in arms, so to speak, about guns. For some, like me, it is clearly a morality issue, mainly the devaluation of human life resulting in the hardness of heart that countenances tearing an unborn child limb from limb before birth and selling its body parts for profit. Then abortion advocates wave coat hangers and demand taxpayers pay for the carnage even when it is against the strongly held religious convictions of those citizens that human life in the womb is sacred while pointing to guns as the problem.
In the past month we have witnessed demonstrations of very hard hearts in both the Massachusetts Legislature during Governor Baker’s State of the Commonwealth Address and also at the State of the Union Address in DC. The state of both houses are like petrified stone creating an ideological impasse, not so much between political parties as between the Judeo-Christian and the Radical Progressive mindset which has taken over the Democrat Party (to which I belonged until 1980).

The latter has decided to reject and resist the duly elected President of the United States and engage in a verbal coup; in effect resist the will of the people who have chosen Trump because of his more traditional, conservative beliefs. This was demonstrated as Republican Governor Charlie Baker, in his State of the Commonwealth address, recounted the Commonwealth’s many accomplishments over the year including protecting “Women’s Reproductive Rights” (read Abortion on demand while ignoring the rights of defenseless children in the womb) to which seemingly the whole Statehouse stood and proudly applauded. Those few who opposed were lost in the crowd. Though Pro-abortionists are standing tall at the moment a time is coming when they shall answer to their Creator for the killing of those made in the image of God.  

Those who were not standing and applauding state-funded abortions seemed invisible but they will be standing and shining brightly on Judgment Day when the tares are taken away as a reckoning awaits the wicked proponents of abortion who will be cast into the black hole of sin forever. 

I know some might find this laughable as they do on ABC’s toxic talk show, The View. Host Joy Behar called our Vice-President “mentally ill” because he prays to God showing her state of debauchery and ignorance, yet there is still hope if there is change. 
The same hateful pro-death attitude was on display on the left-leaning side of the US Congress. President Trump’s State of the Union addressed a house that was anything but unified when Democrats would not stand to honor families who suffered great loss but rather sat like sullen teenagers sucking on lemons. Their hatred and disrespect for our American way of life was on display for the entire nation to see and will be their downfall come November.

Our schools are under siege to those who would indoctrinate our kids with hate against our American values, subsume parental rights and herd our children into slavery. Everywhere you look someone is looking for a quick buck and more power; Lining up for marijuana sales rather than considering the impact upon our youth. Pushing abortion for the pound of flesh they will harvest and sell to big Pharma which makes vaccines from aborted babies. Media pushes a nearly useless (perhaps even harmful) flu vaccine with daily flu-death tolls and horror stories. 

These sell-outs want no borders or walls but rather “sanctuary cities” not out of the goodness of their hearts but to amass a voting block to keep them perpetually in power. These traitors are the antithesis of patriots, they are anarchists.
Toxic feminists are their own worst enemy as if by claiming #me too they can dispense with due process. Do we really want to return to the days before ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

There could not be such widespread deception in our populace without the collusion of the mainstream media and billionaire moguls like Soros and the Clinton crime syndicate who have created a narrative stranger than fiction. Only the deluded would believe it. Call it Kool-Aid drinking but here at the headwaters of the swamp it is bitter green lemonade they swill as it flows down to DC.

*See Green Lemonade and Tears published in 2002 in MWDN and updated  on my March 2011 blog

Monday, February 19, 2018

Princess Sumerfall-Winterspring and the Fadoozla Machine

When I was growing up we watched Howdy Doody on TV. There was a fake Indian named Princess SummerFallWinterSpring. She wore dark face make-up because she was a fair skinned actress with blue eyes. She left the show suddenly promising she would one day come back but we in the peanut gallery are still waiting. I think Liz Warren has tapped into the Peanut Gallery's subconscious desire for the return of childhood. Grow up peanuts and get a real senator! 

Hat tip to Factacular... you remember?
Double Doody--Howdy Doody’s twin brother
Heidi Doody--Howdy Doody’s sister
Phineas T Bluster--The grumpy major
Hector Hancock--One of Phineas’ triplet brothers
Flub-A-Dub--Made of eight different animals
Dilly Dally--The carpenter
Cornelius Cobb--Ran the general store
John J Fadoozle--World’s Number One Private Eye
Bob Smith--Buffalo Bob Smith
Bob Keeshan--Clarabelle
Peanut Gallery--The audience
Doodyville--Fictional hometown of Howdy Doody
William Shatner--Temporarily played Ranger Bob
Cowabunga!--Chief Thundercloud’s yell
Puppet Playhouse--The original name of the Howdy Doody Show
Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Ay--Melody of the Howdy Doody song
The Triple B Ranch--Forerunner to what became the Howdy Doody Show
Gabby Hayes--Guest host in 1954--Buffalo Bob suffered a heart attack
“Goodbye, kids”--Clarabelle’s only spoken words--She said it very softly to sign off the last show
Frank Paris--Designer of the original Howdy marionette
Dilly Dally--Wiggled his ears when frustrated
Electromindomizer--A machine that could read minds
Honkadoodle--A machine that translated Mother Goose honks into English
Robert Goulet--Played Timber Tom on the Canadian show
Robert Schmidt--Buffalo Bob Smith’s real name
Princess Summerfall Winterspring--Hailed from the fictional Tinka Tonka tribe

Friday, May 5, 2017

National Day of Prayer at Boston State House in the Great Hall

National Day of Prayer was observed in the Massachusetts     State House May 4th at noon